Saturday, October 20, 2012


Hello Everyone!
            Sorry I have been away. I am currently in the process of redoing this website. We are under construction to bring you a better website. We will be switching domains to support the traffic I have been getting and to make things easier for our visitors. Soo keep your eyes open for the announcement of our new website! There will be a lot of new things even a name change!! I am very excited to show you the new site once we are up and running.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sneak Peek

So here is just a sneak peek of what is to come this coming week. So keep your eyes open. I'm really excited to share the next posts and fashions with you.

More Bridal Dresses Yay!
 Bridal Jewelry

Dresses you can wear to a wedding.

Have an awesome fashionable week. I'll reveal where these came from later this week,
                 <3 Shy

Dresses And More Dresses

Here are some wonderful wedding dress options from BHLDN. The reason I love many of their dresses is because they are so different with a vintage twist. These are great dresses for brides that are looking for something that isn't your typical traditional wedding dress.

 Another reason I love their dresses is because they can easily cross over into a reception dress.So if you have your dress already, and are looking for the reception dress. Check out some of my picks and see if these would work for you. If you do not see something from the very few I chose to put up here I highly reccomend you visit their site yourself. They have a lot of pretty stuff from dresses, accesories, shoes and wedding things like cake servers.

Happy Sunday see you all real soon with some more finds,
                                                                           <3 Shy

All dresses available at: BHLDN

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall 2012 Nail Trend

The wait is over here are the Fall 2012 Nail trends. I hope you enjoy them. I have included just some of my nail polish pick as well of course. Remember to have fun trying out these new trends and colors.

These are great nail options for a bachelorette party and or for a bridal shower.

Dark and stormy is the first trend. Dark burgundy's, red's, midnight/dark blue and dark silvery/greys.

           Pales such as whites, creams and soft golds are also in this fall season.

         The French tip has a new twist. Base of nails are muted cream and putty. While the tips are dark red, black, lace and silver.

          Beautifully bold pattens and textures are also making an appearance this fall season. Which makes having a manicure even more fun this fall.

I hear a lot of good things about the butter London nail polish. I've yet to try it but it's on my must buy list of polishes to try. So if you've tried it let me know how you liked it. Once I try it I will most definitely let you know how I like it. I will warn it is a little more pricey at $ 14.00 a bottle. 

Well I need to run have a wonderful fashion weekend,
                                                                                <3 Shy                                                  

Photos and Information Credit to: Harper's Bazaar and CND, All nail colors available at: Essie, Butter London Nail Polish, and OPI, and some photo's credit to: Kate Spade

Lets Meet Emma Stine

I found this wonderful website with a lot of pretty jewelry at great prices and just wanted to share it with you all. I posted some of Emma Stine's jewelry in my last posting. However, I think you should check the site out for yourself. The site has great prices and sales going on all the time.

So here are just some of my picks and the reasons why from their website. I didn't include all of the jewelery I like from their site because there are to many to choose from. So go check the site out for yourselves!

I'll catch you all laters,
                            <3 Shy

All Jewelery is available at : Emma Stine

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Joys of Accessories

So while away in the adventures of my fashion finds. I thought what a wonderful idea to bring you some of my picks for accessories for bridesmaids. So here are some of my picks. I have even grouped some ideas together to give you ideas on how to accessories.

It is always a good idea to try on your bridesmaid dress, and try on a few accessory options. This will help you decide what exactly works to complete the look. Jewelery is only there to enhance a look and not make it come undone. So the best rule of thumb to remember is less is more. Example if you have a big necklace do not wear a big bracelet and earrings. It is all about balance. Instead try stud earrings that match the color of the necklace this will help to not over do it. Your pieces should not compete with one another. One should always be the focal point and everything around it only helps it stay that way.

If you are a bride and would like you maids to match think about giving jewelery to them as their bridesmaids gift. It's a great way to show your grateful for their support in being a bridesmaid. It however, also saves any headache of bridesmaid wearing all kinds of different jewelry that might not work.

So enjoy my picks



I included this muti-strand necklace because of the different colored metals. It helps open the variety of dresses it can be worn with. It's exciting and fun without over doing it. Contemporary but still very much a pretty necklace. 


Pearls are always a great accessory piece. They are always in style and are elegant. So there was no way I could not include them into my picks. I would say the bracelet is the focial point between all three pieces. When choosing a pearl necklace I like ones that have more than one strand and that are either very short or long. I feel this helps give more texture and excitement to the pieces.

See you all real soon and keep your eyes open for the bridal accessory posting coming real soon,
                                                                                                                            <3 Shy

Filagree Necklace : Juliet and Company and also available @ Shopbop, Gold Studs : Jones New York, Gold Filagree Earrings : Juliet and Company, Blue Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane, Silver Chain with White Cubes: Marc Jacobs , Clear Square Earrings: Marc Jacobs, Muti Metal Chain Necklace: Emma Stine, White Resin Talons: Made Her Think, Diamond Studs: Kenneth Jay Lane , Red Necklace: Emma Stine, Gold Chain Necklace: Juliet and Company, Gold Stud Earrings: Jones New York ( See above link) Long Pearl Necklace: Juliet and Company, Pearl Bracelet: Juliet and Company, Pearl Studs: Juliet and Company, Green Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane,  
Muti- Strand Pearl Necklace: Fallon Jewelry, Pearl Stud Earrings: Juliet and Company ( see above link)