Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall 2012 Nail Trend

The wait is over here are the Fall 2012 Nail trends. I hope you enjoy them. I have included just some of my nail polish pick as well of course. Remember to have fun trying out these new trends and colors.

These are great nail options for a bachelorette party and or for a bridal shower.

Dark and stormy is the first trend. Dark burgundy's, red's, midnight/dark blue and dark silvery/greys.

           Pales such as whites, creams and soft golds are also in this fall season.

         The French tip has a new twist. Base of nails are muted cream and putty. While the tips are dark red, black, lace and silver.

          Beautifully bold pattens and textures are also making an appearance this fall season. Which makes having a manicure even more fun this fall.

I hear a lot of good things about the butter London nail polish. I've yet to try it but it's on my must buy list of polishes to try. So if you've tried it let me know how you liked it. Once I try it I will most definitely let you know how I like it. I will warn it is a little more pricey at $ 14.00 a bottle. 

Well I need to run have a wonderful fashion weekend,
                                                                                <3 Shy                                                  

Photos and Information Credit to: Harper's Bazaar and CND, All nail colors available at: Essie, Butter London Nail Polish, and OPI, and some photo's credit to: Kate Spade

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