Monday, August 6, 2012

Dreamin In Ombre The New Trend

Have you noticed the new Ombre Trend ?? I have it's almost everywhere it's with hair, nails, jeans, shirts, wedding dresses, reception dresses and wedding cakes. 

WEDDING DRESSES ??!! Yes it's true but don't freak. There are some designer wedding dresses that seem to be able to pull it off without risking elegance. So here are just some ombre fashion picks that I have chosen. Even a wedding dress I find quite pretty :D Perhaps if you are scared to have an ombre style wedding dress. You can always opt to change into these cute jeans for when it's time to start the honeymoon.

There are many different options of different way to ombre whether you want to be bold with it or subtle. The choice is yours so have fun. 

These ombre jeans are perfect for everyday wear. They are a great option because of their fun light to dark effect. They are a nice option to have if you need a break from your solid everyday jeans. Depending on the cut for example opt for a larger sized shirt when wearing skinny jeans (tucking it in is a fine option as well). These jeans would also go well for a bridal shower.

Ombre nails ? Yes I couldn't pass them up. Great option for a bride or a bridesmaid. Try a light pink look for your day. We have an example on the left. Try a paler pink to white effect. How about the color blue for something blue ?

  Ombre gowns

Republic (pink ombre jeans): , Tory Burch (blue to violet jeans) , Helmut Jeans (darker ones): , Bec and Bridge ombre jeans in lilac:, Pink ombre nails (pictured on left):, Wedding Invitation (left) Paper Freckles: , Wedding Invitation (right) Minted: , Heart ombre cake: , Flower Cake Maggie Austin Cake: Flag Pink Cake: , Ombre Gown (left) and reception dress Hayley Paige: , Ombre Gown (right) Monique Lhuillier :

Well I'm off to another fashion adventure,

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